UV-Lamps Part List

ACSLC750/11E, LC750/12DAS-16313.8
Agilent1030 BDHP-907 *357.9

Shodex Part List

CategoryOrder-NumberDescriptionSpecificationInner DiameterLengthNet-Price (For reference only)

Rheodyne Parts 2013 (Just for reference)

Pricelist for Rheodyne Parts 2013
Part #Part DescriptionPrice/€
RH-0001-6234Open Frm Mini Vac DG, 5 Ch, 48

Cimarec+ Stirring Hotplate 7.25" x 7.25" 230V

Cimarec+ Stirring Hotplate 7.25" x 7.25" 230V
Thermo Scientific Thermo Fisher SP88857105 / Cole-Parmer EW-04600-13 / Fisher SP88857105 

HPLC Columns Equivalent selection guide




Sepax Technologies Sepax SRT®-C SEC Columns

Sepax Technologies

Sepax SRT®-C SEC Columns


Hitachi HPLC Spare part and Consumable information

Parts for HITACHI Autosamplers: 

Part No.DescriptionInstrument
MERCK Art.Nr. 23356


NIST SRM Catalog List

 SRM NumberNIST SRM NameUnit of IssueCertificate Date
 1dLimestone, Argillaceous70 g

GC Column Selection Guide FULL


The History of Supelco and the Capillary Column

ACE is praised by many experts as one of the very best columns available

ACE columns are  manufactured  by Advanced Chromatography Technologies (ACT) and launched into the market by 2000. The key criteria in analytical chromatography are selectivity and batch to batch column reproducibility. Since its beginning  ACE invests substantial amount of funds every year into research to stay ahead of the rest with regards to column selectivity and reproducibility.  

ACE Chromatography materials are based on new generation ultra pure base deactivated silica available in a wide range of bonding chemistries and particle sizes. 


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