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00101-01009 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x30mm UHPLC Column $974.00
00101-01010 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x50mm UHPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-01011 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x75mm UHPLC Column $1,212.00
00101-01012 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x100mm UHPLC Column $1,212.00
00101-01014 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x150mm UHPLC Column $1,437.00
00101-01018 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 3.0x30mm UHPLC Column $1,437.00
00101-01019 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 3.0x50mm UHPLC Column $1,450.00
00101-01021 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 3.0x100mm UHPLC Column $1,563.00
00101-01023 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 3.0x150mm UHPLC Column $1,730.00
00101-01036 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 4.6x30mm UHPLC Column $1,437.00
00101-01037 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 4.6x50mm UHPLC Column $1,450.00
00101-01039 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 4.6x100mm UHPLC Column $1,563.00
00101-01041 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 4.6x150mm UHPLC Column $1,730.00
00101-01210 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x50mm,W-Port UHPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-01212 Xtimate™ C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x100mm,W-Port UHPLC Column $1,212.00
00101-11009 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x30mm HPLC Column $974.00
00101-11010 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x50mm HPLC Column $1,002.00
00101-11011 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x75mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00101-11012 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x100mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-11013 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x125mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-11014 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x150mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-11015 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x200mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-11016 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 2.1x250mm HPLC Column $1,184.00
00101-11018 Xltimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x30mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00101-11019 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x50mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-11020 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x75mm HPLC Column $1,071.00
00101-11021 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x100mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-11022 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,184.00
00101-11023 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-11024 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,184.00
00101-11025 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,226.00
00101-11027 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x30mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00101-11028 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x50mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-11029 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x75mm HPLC Column $1,071.00
00101-11030 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x100mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-11031 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,184.00
00101-11032 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-11033 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,184.00
00101-11034 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,226.00
00101-11036 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x30mm HPLC Column $974.00
00101-11037 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x50mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-11038 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x75mm HPLC Column $1,071.00
00101-11039 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x100mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-11040 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x125mm HPLC Column $1,184.00
00101-11041 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x150mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-11042 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x200mm HPLC Column $1,184.00
00101-11043 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 4.6x250mm HPLC Column $1,226.00
00101-21009 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x30mm HPLC Column $932.00
00101-21010 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x50mm HPLC Column $959.00
00101-21011 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x75mm HPLC Column $974.00
00101-21012 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x100mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00101-21013 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x125mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-21014 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x150mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-21015 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x200mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-21016 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 2.1x250mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-21018 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x30mm HPLC Column $974.00
00101-21019 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x50mm HPLC Column $1,002.00
00101-21020 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x75mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00101-21021 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x100mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-21022 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,114.00
00101-21023 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-21024 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,114.00
00101-21025 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-21027 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x30mm HPLC Column $974.00
00101-21028 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x50mm HPLC Column $1,002.00
00101-21029 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x75mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00101-21030 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x100mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-21031 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,114.00
00101-21032 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-21033 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,114.00
00101-21034 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-21035 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.0x300mm HPLC Column $1,212.00
00101-21036 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x30mm HPLC Column $959.00
00101-21037 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x50mm HPLC Column $1,002.00
00101-21038 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x75mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00101-21039 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x100mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00101-21040 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x125mm HPLC Column $1,114.00
00101-21041 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x150mm HPLC Column $1,100.00
00101-21042 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x200mm HPLC Column $1,114.00
00101-21043 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x250mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00101-21044 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 4.6x300mm HPLC Column $1,212.00
00101-21045 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 6.5x150mm HPLC Column $1,408.00
00101-21046 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 6.5x250mm HPLC Column $1,507.00
00101-21049 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 7.8x100mm HPLC Column $1,548.00
00101-21050 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 7.8x150mm HPLC Column $1,730.00
00101-21051 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 7.8x250mm HPLC Column $1,997.00
00101-21058 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 6.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,408.00
00101-21059 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 6.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,507.00
00101-31034 Xtimate™ C18, 10µm, 4.0x250mm HPLC Column $974.00
00101-31035 Xtimate™ C18, 10µm, 4.0x300mm HPLC Column $1,114.00
00101-31041 Xtimate™ C18, 10µm, 4.6x150mm HPLC Column $932.00
00101-31042 Xtimate™ C18, 10µm, 4.6x200mm HPLC Column $959.00
00101-31043 Xtimate™ C18, 10µm, 4.6x250mm HPLC Column $974.00
00101-31044 Xtimate™ C18, 10µm, 4.6x300mm HPLC Column $1,002.00
00102-11009 Xtimate™ C8, 3µm, 2.1x30mm HPLC Column $974.00
00102-11010 Xtimate™ C8, 3µm, 2.1x50mm HPLC Column $1,002.00
00102-11011 Xtimate™ C8, 3µm, 2.1x75mm HPLC Column $1,030.00
00102-11012 Xtimate™ C8, 3µm, 2.1x100mm HPLC Column $1,044.00
00102-11013 Xtimate™ C8, 3µm, 2.1x125mm HPLC Column $1,141.00
00102-11014 Xtimate™ C8, 3µm, 2.1x150mm HPLC Column $1,100.00


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