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5104269 218TP C18 Vydac Column 250 x 10 mm 15-20 µm 1 pc $1,261.00
126-1210 ACE 5 AQ 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
121-1210 ACE 5 C18 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
1212-1210 ACE 5 C18-AMIDE 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
129-1210 ACE 5 C18-AR 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
321-1210 ACE 5 C18-HL 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
1210-1210 ACE 5 C18-PFP 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
123-1210 ACE 5 C4 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
122-1210 ACE 5 C8 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
124-1210 ACE 5 CN 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
1213-1210 ACE 5 CN-ES 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
1214-1210 ACE 5 NH2 125X10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
125-1210 ACE 5 PHENYL 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
127-1210 ACE 5 SIL 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,264.00
33021AST ASTEC (S,S) P-CAP 5UM 5CM X 4.6MM $1,266.00
TRG-CHO-99-7770 Carbo Sep CHO782 Carbohydrate & Biomass Analysis , SS 300 mm x 7.8 mm $1,262.00
40260-10P-3 Cogent Diol HPLC Column 4um 100A 100mm x 3.0mm ID. 1 each $1,261.00
40231-10P-3 Cogent UDA 2.o (wce) HPLC Column 120A 2.2um 3.0mm x 100mm. 1 each. $1,261.00
40218-10P-3 CUSTOM ITEM: Cogent Bidentate C18 2.o HPLC column 120A 2.2µm 100mm x 3.0.mm ID. $1,261.00
69220-10P-3 CUSTOM ITEM: Cogent Phenyl Hydride 2.o HPLC column 120A 2.2µm 100mm x 3.0.mm ID. $1,261.00
69269-10P-3 CUSTOM ITEM: Cogent UDC-Cholesterol 2.o HPLC column 120A 2.2µm 100mm x 3.0.mm ID. $1,261.00
923700-932 Eclipse XDB-C18 Crt 2.1x30mm 1.8um 3PK $1,264.00
923975-932 Eclipse XDB-C18 Crt 4.6x30mm 1.8um 3PK $1,264.00
HI-5C18-150SP1 HICHROM 5um C18 150X10,0mm $0.00
HI-5C8-150SP1 HICHROM 5um C8 150X10,0mm $0.00
HIRPB-150SP1 HICHROM 5um RPB 150X10,0mm $0.00
70000-15K HPLC Column, Cogent Diamond Hydride, 100A TYPE-C silica 4um, 4.6mm x 150mm with PEEK-inert frits & hardware. 1 each. $1,260.00
81038 Inspire C18 5u 250 x 10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,262.00
81138 Inspire C8 5u 250 x 10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,262.00
81238 Inspire Diol 5u 250 x 10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,262.00
E05CLRGC Kromasil Eternity C18 5µm 30mm Guard Cartridges pk/3 $1,261.00
E05PXRGC Kromasil Eternity PhenylHexyl 5µm 30mm Guard Cartridges pk/3 $1,261.00
X10CLRGC Kromasil EternityXT C18 10µm 30mm HPLC-Column $1,261.00
X10CMRGC Kromasil EternityXT-10 C8, Pk/3 Guard Cartridges 10x30mm Guard Cartridges pk/3 $1,261.00
88480 MAbPac HIC-10, Analytical 5 µm, 4.6 x 100 mm HPLC Column $1,260.00
88553 MAbPac HIC-20, Analytical 5 µm, 4.6 x 100 mm HPLC Column $1,260.00
88558 MAbPac HIC-Butyl Analytical 5µm, 4.6 x 100 mm HPLC Column $1,260.00
699775-922 Poros. 120,EC-C18,2,1x50mm,2,7um,2St. $1,262.00
PRE-5OA-250DT Prevail 5um Organic Acid Column 250x3.0mm 1 pc $1,260.00
814005 TSKgel(R) Octadecyl-NPR HPLC Column,phase C18 (octadecyl), L x I.D. 3.5 cm x 4.6 mm, 2.5 mum particle size $1,264.00
00104-11016 Xtimate™ Phenyl-Hexyl, 3µm, 2.1x250mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00104-11023 Xtimate™ Phenyl-Hexyl, 3µm, 3.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00104-11032 Xtimate™ Phenyl-Hexyl, 3µm, 4.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00104-11041 Xtimate™ Phenyl-Hexyl, 3µm, 4.6x150mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00104-21025 Xtimate™ Phenyl-Hexyl, 5µm, 3.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00104-21034 Xtimate™ Phenyl-Hexyl, 5µm, 4.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00104-21043 Xtimate™ Phenyl-Hexyl, 5µm, 4.6x250mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00118-21013 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 2.1x125mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00118-21015 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 2.1x200mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
00118-21023 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 3.0x150mm HPLC Column $1,268.00
5103970 218TP C18 Vydac Column 250 x 10 mm 10-15um 1 pc $1,256.00
9165575-700 Allure Organic Acids 5µm 250x4.6mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
63514 CAPCELL PAK C1 UG 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
61539 CAPCELL PAK C18 UG 3µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
78524 CAPCELL PAK C18 UG 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
61514 CAPCELL PAK C18 UG 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
71514 CAPCELL PAK C8 UG 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
64514 CAPCELL PAK CN UG 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
62514 CAPCELL PAK NH2 UG 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
73514 CAPCELL PAK Ph UG 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,255.00
59300-21 Cogent Axis C18 HPLC Column 5µm spherical shaped 100A 300x3.9mm Compression fittings hardware. For Symmetrical Peaks. $1,257.00
40208-HG2 Cogent Guard Column Kit with Bidentate C8 2.o 120A 2.2um. Includes one Universal Holder and 5 each Hichrom Hardware 2.0mm x 10mm Guard Columns. $1,257.00
40260-HG2 Cogent Guard Column Kit with Diol 2.o 120A 2.2um. Includes one Universal Holder and 5 each Hichrom Hardware 2.0mm x 10mm Guard Columns. $1,257.00
TRG-GLY-99-4610 Glyphosate Analysis Column, 100x4.6 , SS 100 mm x 4.6 mm $1,257.00
40218-15K-2 HPLC Column, Cogent PEEK Bidentate C18 2.o, 120A TYPE-C silica 2.2um, 2.1mm x 150mm with PEEK-inert frits & hardware. 1 each. $1,260.00
40060-10K HPLC Column, Cogent PEEK Diol 100A TYPE-C silica, 4um, 4.6mmx 100mm with PEEK-inert frits & hardware.1 each. $1,260.00
25002-102130-V Hypersil GOLD VANQUISH 1.9um 100x2.1mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
25002-052130-V Hypersil GOLD VANQUISH 1.9um 50x2.1mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
25302-102130-V Hypersil GOLD VANQUISH 1.9um aQ 100x2.1mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
25402-102130-V Hypersil GOLD VANQUISH PFP 100x2.1mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
TRG-ANX-99-8515 IC Sep AN2 , Peek 250 mm x 4.6 mm $1,257.00
MB-0-406-02 MCl Gel HPLC-Column CHP07/C10, 150x10mm LxID 10µm, Br $1,257.00
MB-0-406-01 MCl Gel HPLC-Column CHP07/C10, 250x4.6mm LxID 10µm, Br $1,257.00
5129778 Prevail Organic Acid Alltech Column 250 x 4,6 mm 5 µm 1 pc $1,260.00
WAT039787 PROTEIN-PAK CM 15HR 5X50 $1,257.00
202000-3540-AF Sepax Generik FPLC Empty Column AF 400x35mm $1,257.00
19222-31034 Ultisil® F-C8, 5µm, 3.9x250mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00224-21016 Ultisil® PFP, 3µm, 2.1x250mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00224-21022 Ultisil® PFP, 3µm, 3.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00224-21024 Ultisil® PFP, 3µm, 3.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00224-21031 Ultisil® PFP, 3µm, 4.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00224-21033 Ultisil® PFP, 3µm, 4.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00224-21040 Ultisil® PFP, 3µm, 4.6x125mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00224-21042 Ultisil® PFP, 3µm, 4.6x200mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
17101-11032 Xtimate™ C18, 3µm, 3.9x150mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
19101-21034 Xtimate™ C18, 5µm, 3.9x250mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
17107-11032 Xtimate™ C4, 3µm, 3.9x150mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
19107-21034 Xtimate™ C4, 5µm, 3.9x250mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
17102-11032 Xtimate™ C8, 3µm, 3.9x150mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
19102-21034 Xtimate™ C8, 5µm, 3.9x250mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00118-21014 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 2.1x150mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00118-21021 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 3.0x100mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00118-21030 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 4.0x100mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
00118-21039 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 4.6x100mm HPLC Column $1,255.00
TAS12S11-1510WT YMC-Triart Prep C18-S, semi-preparative HPLC-column (10.0 mm i.d.), 12 nm, S-10 µm, 150 x 10.0 mm $1,256.00
176003063 ACQUITY UPLC Peptide CSH C18 Column Kit 130Å 1.7µm 1.0 x 150mm, Box of 1 $1,255.00
176003066 ACQUITY UPLC Peptide CSH C18 Column Kit 130Å 1.7µm 2.1 x 150mm, Box of 1 $1,255.00
9165585 Allure Organic Acids 5µm 300x4.6mm HPLC-Column $1,252.00
20121AST ASTEC CYCLOBOND I 2000 AC 5UM 5CMX4.6MM $1,245.00
25021AST ASTEC CYCLOBOND I 2000 DNP 5UM 5CMX4.6MM $1,245.00


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