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G1999-20422-HRV Agilent Technologies, HRV-CI Front Top Cover, Part number: G1999-20422-HRV $180.00
G1999-00411-HRV Agilent Technologies, HRV-CI Rear Top Cover, Part number: G1999-00411-HRV $129.00
G1099-60110-HRV Agilent Technologies, HRV-EI Analyzer Cover, Part number: G1099-60110-HRV $526.00
G1099-60300-HRV Agilent Technologies, HRV-GCMS Interface, Part number: G1099-60300-HRV $2,465.00
384-1595011-HSP Agilent Technologies, FUSE 5 x 20 1A T, Part number: 384-1595011-HSP $169.00
341-1520632-EHS Agilent Technologies, BD TB2, Part number: 341-1520632-EHS $1,569.00
370-1609003-HSP Agilent Technologies, Kit, Servomotor- RPL, Part number: 370-1609003-HSP $748.00
998-0000003-EHS Agilent Technologies, G1883A old color cover frame, Part number: 998-0000003-EHS $1,091.00
TMR-14-4045-003 Agilent Technologies, RP-TRAP GLT TENAX (G1), Part number: TMR-14-4045-003 $497.00
PCG934APLL4UFSB Agilent Technologies, 4in Peek upper frit seal body, Part number: PCG934APLL4UFSB $3,147.00
PCG6013015001550 Agilent Technologies, EPDM O-RING -459, Part number: PCG6013015001550 $97.00
19091S-413UILTM Agilent Technologies, HP-5MS Ultra Inert 30m,0.32mm,0.25um,LTM, Part number: 19091S-413UILTM $1,730.00
19091S-577UILTM Agilent Technologies, HP-5MS Ultra Inert 20m,0.18mm,0.18um,LTM, Part number: 19091S-577UILTM $1,562.00
PCG60130EN050069 Agilent Technologies, O-Ring 0.487in-ID 0.103in-cross sectiona, Part number: PCG60130EN050069 $71.00
PCG9324APLL24FSB1 Agilent Technologies, 24in. L and L FRIT SEAL BODY BASE RING, Part number: PCG9324APLL24FSB1 $13,093.00
PCG0393411003PM Agilent Technologies, Prep Mast Kit 1,200 mL for SD-2 w/auto, Part number: PCG0393411003PM $7,000.00
PCG41210G40025MA Agilent Technologies, DIGITAL INPUT MODULE (G4IDC5MA), Part number: PCG41210G40025MA $151.00
PCG41210G41600H Agilent Technologies, DIGITAL BOARD 16 STATION (G4PB16H), Part number: PCG41210G41600H $483.00
PCG6013CEN038050 Agilent Technologies, TFE Encapsulated Viton O-ring-012, Part number: PCG6013CEN038050 $72.00
PCG9320A2LL20OF Agilent Technologies, 20in. LOAD and LOCK OUTLET FRIT, Part number: PCG9320A2LL20OF $3,722.00
19091S-677UI-INT Agilent Technologies, HP-1MS UI 20m, 0.18mm, 0.18um, Intuvo, Part number: 19091S-677UI-INT $866.00
384-1695001-HSP Agilent Technologies, FUSE 5x20 2A T, Part number: 384-1695001-HSP $169.00
384-1695004-HSP Agilent Technologies, FUSE 5x20 500mA, Part number: 384-1695004-HSP $186.00
341-0920332-EHS Agilent Technologies, PCB pressure xducer sensor, Part number: 341-0920332-EHS $1,902.00
998-0000050-EHS Agilent Technologies, VIAL HEATER BLOCK, Part number: 998-0000050-EHS $627.00
998-0000055-EHS Agilent Technologies, MANIFOLD PLATE, Part number: 998-0000055-EHS $534.00
998-0000057-EHS Agilent Technologies, CAROUSEL BUSHING, Part number: 998-0000057-EHS $467.00
PCG934A2LL4LCCP Agilent Technologies, 4in x 15in LOWER COMPRESSION PLATFORM, Part number: PCG934A2LL4LCCP $2,619.00
19091S-433UILTM Agilent Technologies, HP-5MS Ultra Inert 30m,0.25mm,0.25um,LTM, Part number: 19091S-433UILTM $1,662.00
PCG9324A2LL24IF Agilent Technologies, 24in. INLET FRIT, Part number: PCG9324A2LL24IF $3,588.00
PCG9324A6LL24SR Agilent Technologies, 24in. LOAD, LOCK SEALING RING - PTFE, Part number: PCG9324A6LL24SR $1,501.00
PCG9320A2LL20IF Agilent Technologies, 20in. LOAD and LOCK INLET FRIT, Part number: PCG9320A2LL20IF $3,722.00
PCG9320A6LL20FSB3 Agilent Technologies, 20in. L and L Frit Seal Body Wiper, Part number: PCG9320A6LL20FSB3 $6,210.00
PCG9320A6LL20GR Agilent Technologies, 20in. LOAD and LOCK GUIDE RING - PTFE, Part number: PCG9320A6LL20GR $3,376.00
PALKITSN01/2002 Agilent Technologies, Syringe HOLDER OVERHEAT KIT, Part number: PALKITSN01/2002 $278.00
PL1114-1900HFIP Agilent Technologies, PL HFIPgel Guard 50 x 7.5 mm, Part number: PL1114-1900HFIP $781.00
PCG938A6LL8CHSR Agilent Technologies, 8in. L , L COMPRESSION HEAD SQUARE RING, Part number: PCG938A6LL8CHSR $1,188.00
MKI-U-T13DHS-2S Agilent Technologies, Cold Trap for DHS application, Series 2, Part number: MKI-U-T13DHS-2S $1,403.00
19091N-113I-INT Agilent Technologies, HP-INNOWax 30m, 0.32mm, 0.25um,Intuvo, Part number: 19091N-113I-INT $931.00
G1999-60440-HRV Agilent Technologies, HRV-CI Analyzer Cover, Part number: G1999-60440-HRV $207.00
19091S-233UI-INT Agilent Technologies, HP-5ms UI, 30m, 0.25mm, 1.0um, Intuvo, Part number: 19091S-233UI-INT $1,008.00
MKI-U-T16GHG-2S Agilent Technologies, Cold Trap, Green House Gases, UNITY 2, Part number: MKI-U-T16GHG-2S $1,403.00
19091S-430UI-INT Agilent Technologies, HP-5MS UI 5m, 0.25mm, 0.25um,Intuvo, Part number: 19091S-430UI-INT $384.00
19091S-436UI-INT Agilent Technologies, HP-5MS UI 60m, 0.25mm, 0.25um,Intuvo, Part number: 19091S-436UI-INT $1,715.00
MKI-U-T18325-2S Agilent Technologies, Cold Trap, EPA 325, UNITY 2, Part number: MKI-U-T18325-2S $1,273.00
341-0700002-EHS Agilent Technologies, BD MB, Part number: 341-0700002-EHS $7,994.00
PCG936APLL6LFSB Agilent Technologies, Lower fritseal Body 6inch LL column, Part number: PCG936APLL6LFSB $8,883.00
998-0000002-EHS Agilent Technologies, Frame cover left, Part number: 998-0000002-EHS $1,057.00
641-0202070-EHS Agilent Technologies, BUSH COVER LEFT, Part number: 641-0202070-EHS $96.00
PCG9312A6LL12ECGR Agilent Technologies, End Cap Guide Ring, Part number: PCG9312A6LL12ECGR $5,425.00
PCG6013012501300 Agilent Technologies, EPDM O-RING -454, Part number: PCG6013012501300 $90.00
232-2790010-EHS Agilent Technologies, Needle assembly vial probe,nickel, Part number: 232-2790010-EHS $166.00
PCG934APLL4LFSB Agilent Technologies, 4in Peek lower frit seal body, Part number: PCG934APLL4LFSB $3,255.00
022-1660000-HSP Agilent Technologies, HS Align tool kit, Part number: 022-1660000-HSP $1,340.00
PCG9324APLL24BRB Agilent Technologies, 24in. Bed retainer boss - peek, Part number: PCG9324APLL24BRB $588.00
PCG6016021502200 Agilent Technologies, 24in. Load and Lock Spring Seals, Part number: PCG6016021502200 $4,145.00
PCG9312A2LL12IF Agilent Technologies, 12in. LOAD and LOCK INLET FRIT, Part number: PCG9312A2LL12IF $6,203.00
PCG9312A6LL12FSB3 Agilent Technologies, 12in. L and L FRIT SEAL BODY WIPER, Part number: PCG9312A6LL12FSB3 $6,336.00
PCG9324A0AVCHGR Agilent Technologies, 24 LOAD + LOCK GUIDE RING- Avecia, Part number: PCG9324A0AVCHGR $7,903.00
PL1114-6900HFIP Agilent Technologies, PL HFIPgel 300 x 7.5 mm, Part number: PL1114-6900HFIP $2,807.00
PCG936A6LL6FSBT Agilent Technologies, Frit Seal Body taper for 6 Column, Part number: PCG936A6LL6FSBT $5,046.00
19091N-213I-INT Agilent Technologies, HP-INNOWax 30m, 0.32mm, 0.5um,Intuvo, Part number: 19091N-213I-INT $931.00
19091S-931UI-INT Agilent Technologies, HP-1MS UI 15m, 0.25mm, 0.25um, Intuvo, Part number: 19091S-931UI-INT $619.00
145-1001 Agilent Part Number 145-1001 - DB-HTSimDis 5m, 0.53mm, 0.15um - JW $265.50
GB-100R-110MM Glass Fiber Filters, Advantec, GB-100R, 110mm, 100/Pk $85.00
6040-0809 Santovac 5P Ultra 18.5mL, 2pk required for Agilent 5975 and 5973 Series. Part number# 6040-0809 $139.00
B-202-1 Swagelok, Brass Nut for 1/8 in. Swagelok Tube Fitting $10.00
675 1030BT8 SAMPLER TIPS 19 mm DIAMETER for use with 19mm diameter PowderThief Bodies $80.00
5-9054 5-9054 SupelGuard LC-18 Kit, 5um, Supelcosil 2cm x 4.6mm Cartrigde $20.00
60180-825 Super Clean™ Gas Cartridge Filters - Thermo Fisher Scientific $200.00
100326 Gilson 100326 is the UV lamp assembly for the 155/156 Series Detectors $250.00
866953-902 866953-902 - Agilent SB-C18 Rapid Res HPLC Col 4.6 x 75 $200.00
863953-902 AGILENT HPLC Column 863953-902 ZORBAX SB-C8 Rapid Resolution 4.6x150mm 3.5um $250.00
0711-0092 Brownlee Columns New Guard RP-18 15x3mm, Part No. 0711-0092 $40.00
96419 Silica All-Guard Cartridges and hardware 7,5x4,6mm 3pk, P/N: 96419 $35.00
70045 Restek, MXT Guard Column, 0.53 mm x 0.74 ± 0.025 mm, 5 m, Part# 70045 $150.00
0101 0113 Agilent, HP, 0101 0113 Soap Film Flowmeter Graduated 1-100ml $50.00
P-795 P-795 - BPR Cartridge 750 psi - IDEX $20.00
517755-023 Rheodyne 50ul Sample Loops, SS for 7725i $20.00
20999 Restek, Fused Silica Wool Base Deactivated 10 g $80.26
1284050 1284050, Water Filter 50µm Dif $40.00
055-714900 Space Ring, 91 mm OD 7.8 ID 20.6 mm $66.00
HG/T 3484-1999 Chemical reagent Standard of clear liquor, made from glass dust, and standard of transparence $850.00



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