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SGE-0355180 P10-S-MS1 10UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $86.00
SGE-0355173 P100-CTC-MS1 100UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $98.00
SGE-0355110 P100-MS1 100UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $92.00
SGE-0355161 P25-AG-MS1 25UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $86.00
SGE-0355171 P25-CTC-MS1 25UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $98.00
SGE-0355102 P25-MS1 25UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $92.00
SGE-0355120 P250-MS1 250UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $92.00
SGE-0355172 P50-CTC-MS1 50UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $98.00
SGE-0355105 P50-MS1 50UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $92.00
SGE-0355150 P500-MS1 500UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $92.00
SGE-0355320 NMS10/50-G-50/0.47(0.11)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355321 NMS10/50-G-50/0.50(0.20)BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355220 NMS10/50-G-51/0.72(0.17)-LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355225 NMS10/50-G-57/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355421 NMS10/50-G-AG/S-42/0.63(0.11)- C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355420 NMS10/50-G-AG/S-42/0.63(0.24)- C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355522 NMS10/50-G-CTC-50/0.63(0.11)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355520 NMS10/50-G-CTC-50/0.63(0.24)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355622 NMS10/50-G-RTC/RSH-57/0.63 (0.11)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355620 NMS10/50-G-RTC/RSH-57/0.63 (0.24)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355310 NMS10/50-H-50/0.47(0.11)BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355311 NMS10/50-H-50/0.50(0.20)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355210 NMS10/50-H-51/0.72(0.17)-LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355215 NMS10/50-H-57/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355411 NMS10/50-H-AG/S-42/0.63(0.11)- C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355410 NMS10/50-H-AG/S-42/0.63(0.24)- C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355512 NMS10/50-H-CTC-50/0.63(0.11)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355510 NMS10/50-H-CTC-50/0.63(0.24)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355612 NMS10/50-H-RTC/RSH-57/0.63 (0.11)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355610 NMS10/50-H-RTC/RSH-57/0.63 (0.24)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355330 NMS10/50-P-50/0.47(0.11)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355331 NMS10/50-P-50/0.50(0.20)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355230 NMS10/50-P-51/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355235 NMS10/50-P-57/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355431 NMS10/50-P-AG/S-42/0.63(0.11)- C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355430 NMS10/50-P-AG/S-42/0.63(0.24)- C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355532 NMS10/50-P-CTC-50/0.63(0.11)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355530 NMS10/50-P-CTC-50/0.63(0.24)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355322 NMS100/500-G-50/0.50(0.20)BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355323 NMS100/500-G-50/0.63(0.32)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355221 NMS100/500-G-51/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355223 NMS100/500-G-51/0.72(0.37)-LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355226 NMS100/500-G-57/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355521 NMS100/500-G-CTC-50/0.63(0.24) -C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355621 NMS100/500-G-RTC/RSH-57/0.63 (0.24)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $219.00
SGE-0355312 NMS100/500-H-50/0.50(0.20)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355313 NMS100/500-H-50/0.63(0.32)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355211 NMS100/500-H-51/0.72(0.17)-LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355213 NMS100/500-H-51/0.72(0.37)-LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355216 NMS100/500-H-57/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355511 NMS100/500-H-CTC-50/0.63(0.24) -C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355611 NMS100/500-H-RTC/RSH-57/0.63 (0.24)-C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $200.00
SGE-0355332 NMS100/500-P-50/0.50(0.20)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355333 NMS100/500-P-50/0.63(0.32)-BV DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355231 NMS100/500-P-51/0.72(0.17)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355233 NMS100/500-P-51/0.72(0.37)LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355236 NMS100/500-P-57/0.72(0.17)-LC DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355531 NMS100/500-P-CTC-50/0.63(0.24) -C DIAMOND MS NEEDLE $182.00
SGE-0355193 P100-RTC/RSH-MS1 100UL DIAMOND MS PLUNGER $98.00
SGE-037160 N10-11.5 10UL NEEDLE PK5 $103.00
SGE-037112 N10-3/0.47BV 10UL NEEDLE PK5 $57.00
SGE-037110 N10-5 10UL NEEDLE PK5 $57.00
SGE-037111 N10-5/0.63 10UL NEEDLE PK5 $57.00
SGE-037011 N10-5/0.63C NEEDLE PK2 $57.00
SGE-037010 N10-5C 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $55.00
SGE-037410 N10-5H 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $60.00
SGE-037130 N10-7 10UL NEEDLE PK5 $103.00
SGE-037031 N10-7/0.63C 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $55.00
SGE-037030 N10-7C 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $55.00
SGE-037040 N10-8C NEEDLE PK2 $57.00
SGE-037715 N10-AG-0.47 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $39.00
SGE-037717 N10-AG-0.63 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $39.00
SGE-037730 N10-AG0.63/0.47 NEEDLE PK2 $47.00
SGE-037787 N10-C/T-5/0.63C 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $55.00
SGE-037788 N10-C/T-8/0.47BV NEEDLE PK3 $55.00
SGE-037250 N10-LC 10UL NEEDLE PK5 $58.00
SGE-037610 N10-OC-10/0.17VS NEEDLE PK2 $108.00
SGE-037675 N10-OC-7.5/0.23 NEEDLE PK2 $108.00
SGE-037875 N10-RTC/RSH-5.7/0.47C NEEDLE PK2 $77.00
SGE-037871 N10-RTC/RSH-5.7/0.63C NEEDLE PK2 $77.00
SGE-037880 N10-RTC/RSH-5.7/0.72LC NEEDLE PK2 $77.00
SGE-037877 N10-RTC/RSH-8.5/0.47C NEEDLE PK2 $98.00
SGE-037873 N10-RTC/RSH-8.5/0.63C NEEDLE PK2 $98.00
SGE-037745 N10-S-0.47 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $50.00
SGE-037747 N10-S-0.63 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $50.00
SGE-037776 N10-VA8035-II 10UL NEEDLE PK2 $57.00
SGE-037780 N10-VA8X00H-0.5-II 10UL NEEDLE PK1 $60.00
SGE-037779 N10-VA8X00H-0.63-II NEEDLE PK2 $78.00
SGE-037777 N10-VA8X00H-II NEEDLE PK1 $60.00
SGE-038010 N25/500-5C 25/500UL NEEDLE PK2 $42.00
SGE-038030 N25/500-7C 25/500UL NEEDLE PK2 $55.00
SGE-036920 N5-11.5/25BV 5UL EVOL NEEDLE PK2 $48.00
SGE-036922 N5-11.5/25C 5UL EVOL NEEDLE PK2 $48.00
SGE-036110 N5-5 5UL NEEDLE PK5 $60.00
SGE-036912 N5-5.1/22LC 5UL EVOL NEEDLE PK5 $60.00
SGE-036011 N5-5/0.63C 5UL NEEDLE PK2 $57.00
SGE-036914 N5-5/23C 5UL EVOL NEEDLE PK5 $60.00



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