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    Data Systems / Controllers / Computers • Re: # Of Results Stored column
    Hi ,

    Yes I have had similar issues
    Reason for duplicate standard as these are normal then you have clear calibration , quantitate (replace calibrate stds with 'don't process and report'
    for samples in triplicate you are quantifying of each standard curve (bracket) with Quantitate 'U'

    All this processing , functions and 'don't process and report /normal goes back to millennium 32 days , why ?... that's for another debate !

    I'm guessing sample set is not set up using wizard
    Worth having a sample set template to look at which has been created using wizard for quantitation as per you method then edit accordingly with functions and labels

    On duplicate data - is this not a data integrity issue ?
    Could an auditor for example question this ?
    But in the end the root cause is a combination of sample set management and Empower algorithms ?

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