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PL1120-3830 PL Rapide Aqua L 150 x 7.5 mm $1,299.00
TOS20S16-2510WT YMC-Triart C8-S Prep, semi-preparative HPLC column (10.0 mm i.d.), 20 nm, S-15 µm, 250 x 10.0 mm $1,297.00
TAS12S16-2510WT YMC-Triart C18-S Prep, semi-preparative HPLC column (10.0 mm i.d.), 12 nm, S-15 µm, 250 x 10.0 mm $1,297.00
SL12S05-3010WT YMC-Pack Silica, semi-preparative HPLC column (10.0 mm i.d.), 12 nm, S-5 µm, 300 x 10.0 mm $1,297.00
91604 CAPCELL PAK C18 ACR 5µm 250x10mm HPLC-Column $1,297.00
78545 CAPCELL PAK C18 UG 5µm 75x20mm HPLC-Column $1,297.00
61516 CAPCELL PAK C18 UG 5µm 75x20mm HPLC-Column $1,297.00
19222-21034 Ultisil® F-C8, 3µm, 3.9x250mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00260-31054 Ultisil Plus C18, 5µm, 6.0x250mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00260-31046 Ultisil Plus C18, 5µm, 6.5x250mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00215-11014 Ultisil® Polar RP, 1.8µm, 2.1x150mm UHPLC Column $1,296.00
00207-11014 Ultisil® AQ-C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x150mm UHPLC Column $1,296.00
00203-11014 Ultisil® XB-Phenyl, 1.8µm, 2.1x150mm UHPLC Column $1,296.00
00202-11014 Ultisil® XB-C8, 1.8µm, 2.1x150mm UHPLC Column $1,296.00
00201-11014 Ultisil® XB-C18, 1.8µm, 2.1x150mm UHPLC Column $1,296.00
00118-21042 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 4.6x200mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00118-21040 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 4.6x125mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00118-21033 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 4.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00118-21031 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 4.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00118-21024 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 3.0x200mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00118-21022 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 3.0x125mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00118-21016 Xtimate™ Polar RP, 5µm, 2.1x250mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00109-43041 Xtimate™ Sugar-H, 8µm, 4.6x150mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
00108-43041 Xtimate™ Sugar-Ca, 8µm, 4.6x150mm HPLC Column $1,296.00
SF00S05-0346WP YMC-BioPro SP-F, non-porous, S-5 µm, 30 x 4.6 mm $1,297.00
QF00S05-0346WP YMC-BioPro QA-F, non-porous*, (4.6 mm i.d.), 5 µm, 30 x 4.6 mm $1,297.00
40036-03P-1 HPLC Column, Cogent Amide, TYPE-C. 100A, 4um, 1.0mm x 30mm. 1 each. $1,295.00
40036-02P-1 HPLC Column, Cogent Amide, TYPE-C. 100A, 4um, 1.0mm x 20mm. 1 each. $1,295.00
5129803 Prevail Org, Acid Alltech Column-W 250 x 4,6 mm 5 µm 1 pc $1,295.00
5104346 214TP C4 Vydac Column 150 x 10 mm 10 µm 1 pc $1,295.00
40008-15K HPLC Column, Cogent PEEK Bidentate C8 100A TYPE-C silica, 4um, 4.6mmx 150mm with PEEK-inert frits & hardware.1 each. $1,294.00
235-1210 ACE 10 PHENYL-300 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,292.00
234-1210 ACE 10 CN-300 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,292.00
233-1210 ACE 10 C4-300 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,292.00
232-1210 ACE 10 C8-300 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,292.00
231-1210 ACE 10 C18-300 125x10.0mm HPLC-Column $1,292.00
5110600 Vydac DENALI 15um C18 120A Column 250x22mm 1 pc $1,292.00
5190-2403 Agilent Bio MAb,NP3,4.6x50mm,SS $1,291.00
F7940434 DEAE8-1T 35x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
F7940433 DEAE8-1B 50x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
F7940334 QA8-1T 35x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
F7940333 QA8-1B 50x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
F7940234 CM8-1T 35x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
F7940233 CM8-1B 50x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
F7940134 SP8-1T 35x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
F7940133 SP8-1B 50x1.0mm Micro Column $1,290.00
262002-0115 Sepax PolyRP-NP1.7 1.7µm 150x0.1mm HPLC-Column $1,288.00
262002-0010 Sepax PolyRP-NP1.7 1.7µm 100x0.075mm HPLC-Column $1,288.00
120361-0115 Sepax HP-SCX 1.8µm 120Å 150x0.1mm HPLC-Column $1,288.00
120361-0010 Sepax HP-SCX 1.8µm 120Å 100x0.075mm HPLC-Column $1,288.00


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