Who We Are

"We Are Whom We Sculpt" (Artist: Gary Lee Price).

GiMiTEC serving as an inspiration, this statue reminds us we are whom we sculpt, that we make our own future by staying true to the core values of the company: integrity, hard work and perseverance.

People Say We're Disparate. We Love That.

GiMiTEC drive is to always be better than the best, but we won’t be satisfied unless we can do it our way. We work hard and thrive on competition and accomplishment, but we always make time for silliness and fun. We could tell you about the adventure trips, themed costume days, but we'd rather you experience it for yourself.

The Best Value for The Best Choice

At GiMiTEC, Customer satisfactions is the fist priority. We help our customer choice the best for their lab. We provide non-stop value to our customer over the world.


ONE SUPPLY CHAIN. Infinite Solutions.Infinite Solutions.Infinite Solutions.

GiMiTEC founded in 2014. Registering Trademark for a industry, laboratory and instrument services company in Vietnam. Our team of service professionals have been chosen by some of the world's largest and best known lab and instruments companies and organizations to maintain the integrity of their analytical instruments. GiMiTEC delivers the complete solution for your laboratory. GiMiTEC technologies advance the future of scientific analysis and investigation. We are industry experts in analytical chemistry, process chemistry and equipment, column hardware and novel packing methods.

Our GiMiTEC History

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